Sea King 50th Anniversary: 1963-2013


Shearwater, Nova Scotia

10 September 2013

On behalf of all past & present Shearwaters who staged the successful Sea King 50th events, I would like to extend our thanks for attending what turned out to be  very good series of happenings.

As time goes on and we get all of our figures in, we will give you an accounting of what was accomplished. Suffice to say for now that it was great to see how many of you came east for a last visit “home”. You rented  almost 250 hotel rooms, give or take. We had probably one of the bigger dinners that the Trade Centre has seen, as 674 of us sat down to what I will remember for a very long time as one of our best events. We met, and greeted, paraded, shed a tear, golfed, BBQ’d and toured Survival Systems together. The weather cooperated, and from what I heard, there were no dissatisfied customers.

Just a quick note to say a heartfelt thanks to all of you who came from far and wide and made the effort all worthwhile. Let me say thank you to all of you. It is our intention to continue collecting information, stories, personnel news into the future. We will keep this website open until May 2014, at which time it will be undertaken by the Shearwater Aviation Museum (SAM), where you will be able to keep those cards and letters coming.

on a last note which you may have noticed through the CNAG email distribution list or elsewhere on this website, is that the Sea King community has just been notified that it has been selected by the Air Force Association of Canada as the winner of the Air Marshal W.A. Bishop, VC Memorial trophy for exceptional performance for the last 50 years. What a wonderful way to end this “year of the Sea King”.

Best to all,


    John M. Cody                                                               Alan Blair                       

    Co-Chair                                                                       Co-Chair                                                                                       







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